Machines for Packing


HORIZONTAL NETTING MACHINE mod. MEL-110 Automatically manufactures packs of 0.5 to 2 kg in woven or extruded net, containing vegetables or fruit Also excellent for delicate and long products such as peppers, courgettes, cucumbers, aubergines, etc. which are enclosed in compact screens for excellent presentation Gentle treatment of the product and net saving Production up […]

ZUK-200 / ZUS-200

NETHOLDER LOADING M/C mod. ZUK-200: It loads, with the help of an operator, spare tubes from extruded net roll, with a net de-twisting device. Stainless Steel made Electric Power 0,18 kW 400V/50Hz threephases Overall dimensions: lenght 1,20m, width 0,50m, height 2,80m Weight 50 Kg New in 2020,  ZUS-200 version available also for BIO nets: compostable, cotton, […]